Tradition and future

Quimser was founded in 1966 by Salvador Esquerra Romeu, who started supplying chemical products to the leather industry.

Mr. Salvador Esquerra Romeu, founder

He began trading in the heart of the leather tanning area of Igualada, one of Europe’s most traditional and respected centres of tanning, with one of the greatest levels of activity and production. Soon afterwards the business moved to a small facility located in Òdena, near Igualada, where he started to produce the first powder products using vegetable extracts for the manufacture of sole.

In the mid 1970’s QUIMSER started to build in the industrial area of Pla de la Masia. This original custom-built property has been enlarged and transformed over the years into the three warehouses that exist today. The gradual incorporation of new staff and new facilities has enabled the expansion of its product range, from chrome liquors, powder products, liquids and fatliquors, to a full range of specialities for all the phases of tanning and finishing leather.

In 1984 Quimser was transformed into a corporation with the founder’s family as shareholders. Nowadays Quimser is a deeply rooted family business that exports around two thirds of its products.