Leather chemicals since 1966

With more than 30 years of experience in exports, we are present in more than 25 countries on 4 continents.



Products used for the initial treatment phase to transform the skin into leather. We produce special products for soaking, preserving, liming, deliming, bating, pickling and basifying agents.

Tanning and retanning

Tanning & Retanning

We have a wide range of tanning, neutralizing and retanning products. We produce excellent quality tanning and retanning agents in both liquid and solid form.


We produce a wide range of leather fatliquors with excellent application results. They provide the leather with roundness, fullness, compaction and excellent fibre lubrication, giving a smoother leather cut.

Tanning and retanning


A complete range of finishing products to obtain high quality articles. Waxes and caseins, aqueous pigments, metallic dyestuffs, pull up oils, solvent and aqueous lacquers, acrylic and polyurethane resins.

We produce a wide range of products for the leather industry that cover all stages of the manufacturing process, from the beamhouse and the wet-end to the finishing.

We are Well-Equipped to offer Exclusive Service


QUIMSER industrial facilities are suitable for the research, development, manufacture and testing of a great variety of chemical products for the leather industry. It covers over 5000 square meters and comprises:


· Research, development and innovation
· Product quality control
· Industrial tests


· Commercial
· Technical Office
· Management and sales

Manufacture Plants

· Powder products
· Liquid products / Reactors
· Finished products


· Raw materials
· Dispatch of finished products

Our main goal is to offer quality products and identify our customer needs to translate them into solutions


Download our 2020 Catalogue in PDF to see more details about the composition and the applications of our products


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