Below you will find all our catalogs which can be downloaded for free. The purpose of them is to answer all kinds of technical doubts according to our products.

Wet End

Known as our main catalogue which contains information about beamhouse, tanning, retanning, dyes and fatliquors. You will find most of our products compared on a table with each technical details.


The finishing catalog exposes all type of information about our finishing products such as Special oils, Caseins, Waxes, Resins, Fillers, Lacquers, Pigments, Anilines, Solvents and Auxiliaries.

Acid Dyes

The purpose of Acid Dyes catalog is to show all drum dyes colours we offer


The pigment catalog display all Pigments colours we offer.

If you have any questions about the catalogues, you can request information by contacting us