For over 25 years Quimser has been manufacturing PLASTISER (sulphated castor oil, turkey castor oil, sulphated castor oil, ammonium salt 75/80%), a high-quality product with an excellent chemical performance. In 2018 we registered PLASTISER RS at the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), fulfilling the REACH objectives for the development of new, more sustainable and safe chemical products. 

We make weekly productions with great analytical results providing fast service to our customers.


Plastiser functions as a softener, wetting agent, detergent, levelling agent, dispersant, emulsifier, plasticizer, surface tension modifier, stabilizer, solubiliser, etc. In water baths, it emulsifies other oils such as essential oils or perfumes. The surface of the resulting emulsion remains free of residues. PLASTISER is compatible with a wide range of materials and is stable over a wide pH range.

Plastiser applications

Paper industry
Used as an antifoam

Paper curency
Used in the preparation of cleaning for security documents.

Textile sector
Used as a softener, wetting agent and detergent for scouring wool and cotton and as a levelling agent and dispersant in dyeing.

Paints, inks and coating industry
Used as a pigment dispersant, emulsifier, lubricant and stabiliser.

Used in the manufacture of cutting oils (drilling).

Leather industry
Used as a quality fatliquor, as a feel agent and also in the last fatliquoring stage and in finishing, as a dye intensifier and levelling agent for light colour leathers, suede and calf uppers.

Used as an emulsifier and solubiliser.

Industrial cleaning
Used as an emulsifier.

Cosmetic industry
Used in the manufacture of bath gel and bar soaps for personal hygiene.

Industries of wood
Used in varnishes, preserving agents, oils, etc…

Industry of acrylic and polyurethane resin polymerization
Used as a plasticizer and emulsifier.

Used as organic manure.

Key points

PLASTISER is easily biodegradable, therefore it has a low environmental impact.

It stands out for its softness, which makes it especially suitable for the formulation of hygiene and personal care products.

It has excellent properties of emulsification, lubrication and solubilisation.


Plastiser RS

Chemical Composition     Sulphated castor oil

Aspect     Viscous transparent amber liquid

pH     6,5 – 7,5

SO3     Min. 4

% H2    24-26

Plastiser RA

Chemical Composition    Sulphonate castor oil ammonium salt

Aspect     Viscous amber liquid

pH     7 – 8

SO3     Min. 4,5

% H2O   19-21

Plastiser R-2

Chemical Composition   

Sulphated rapeseed oil neutralized amines

Aspect     Viscous transparent amber liquid

pH     6,5 – 7,5

SO3     4 – 5

% H2O    3 – 4

Plastiser C-2

Chemical Composition

Vegetable Sulphated oil

Aspect     Viscous amber liquid

pH     7 – 8

SO3     3 – 4

% H2O 3 – 4

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