Tradition & future,
more than 50 years looking forward


Quimser was founded in 1966 by Salvador Esquerra Romeu, who started supplying chemical products to the leather industry.

He began trading in the heart of the leather tanning area of Igualada, one of Europe’s most traditional and respected centres of tanning, with one of the greatest levels of activity and production. Soon afterwards the business moved to a small facility located in Òdena, near Igualada, where he started to produce the first powder products using vegetable extracts for the manufacture of sole.

In the mid 1970’s QUIMSER started to build in the industrial area of Pla de la Masia. This original custom-built property has been enlarged and transformed over the years into the three warehouses that exist today. In 1984 Quimser was transformed into a corporation with the founder’s family as shareholders.

Nowadays Quimser is a deeply rooted family business that exports two thirds of its products.

Our industrial facilities are suitable for the research, development, manufacturing and testing of an extensive variety of chemical products


Quimser occupies over 5,000 square metres dedicated to:


The lab is well-designed in order to create and test the best innovative products for the chemical market.

Research and development
Product quality control
Industrial tests


The office team is in charge to establish a great connection between the clients and the manufacturing team.

Technical Office
Management and sales

Manufacture plants

It is the area in which the chemicals are elaborated with the purpose of offering the best products for the leather.

Powder products
Liquid products / Reactors
Finished products


It is where the products are packed, stored and ready to distribute all over the world.

Raw materials
Dispatch of finished products

We are well-equipped to offer exclusive service

We contribute to create a more eco-friendly environment for our industry


Sustainable Developement Goals

The aim of the sustainable development goals (SDG) is to come together as a society and take an action in order to save our planet and create a more sustainable future for everyone. In Quimser, we are aware of this challenge, and we take it very seriously. We contribute to create a more eco-friendly environment for our industry. We are proud to show that even the chemist industry can also be responsible for decreasing the climate change and the environmental degradation.

So far, we have already accomplished the following goals mentioned below


We are committed to offer our best version in the chemical industry, that’s why we have received five different certificates which prove our endorsement towards our chemical field. These certificates are not only represented by local institutions, but also internationally and globally.

Our products are manufactured locally to export them around the world

We do not just sell products,
we provide solutions

Quimser is not only committed to supply the best chemicals to the customers, but also to provide the necessary technical support. Furthermore, to select and apply the products that best fit the production processes and the demands of quality and design of products and leather articles. The technical-commercial team is highly-trained to offer the required pre and post sale customer servicer. Quimser maintains a commercial network in four continents.

The Quimser team is its best asset, a highly qualified group of people who are well prepared to provide the service our customers deserve.