Quimser produces a wide range of products for the leather industry that cover all stages of the manufacturing process, from the beamhouse and the wet-end right through to the finishing.


We create products used at the initial phase of the treatment of the leather transformation such as soaking, preserving, liming, deliming, bating, pickling and basifying agents.

Tanning & Retanning

We offer an extensive wide of tanning and retanning products for the leather. Tanning and retanning made in liquid or solid that bring excellent attributes.


We produce a wide-ringing greases for leather with excellent application results, providing the leather with the tube, filling, fullness and excellent lubrication properties of the fibers.


We offer all kinds of finished products for leather in order to get high quality products: waxes and casein, aqueous pigments, oils and fats, lacflowers, touch agents, acrylic and resins.

Seradye Drum Dyes

Leather dyeing includes a set of operations whose purpose is to give the tanned skin a certain coloration, be it superficial, partially or completely traversed.

Sulphated Oils

For over 25 years we’ve been manufacturing Plastiser, a high-quality product with an excellent chemical performance.

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