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Quimser SA won the Enterprise Trajectory Award from the Anoia Entrepreneurs Association (UEA)

Quimser SA won the Enterprise Trajectory Award from the (UEA) for its 50 years in the chemical industry. President of Catalonia, Mr. Carles Puigdemont awarded Quimser at the annual ceremony that took place in Igualada (Barcelona) on June 30, 2016.  
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Auxiliary product for beamhouse and wet-end. Replaces formic acid. Reduces ph and fastens anionic dyes.
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Neutralizing Syntans

SERTAN N-N SERTAN N-PAK SERTAN N-AG BUFFERED NEUTRALYZING SYNTANS We have reduced the range of synthetic neutralizing due to the little difference between them. Still, we can provide a wide spectrum of products with softening and buffering properties with optimus ph for tanning and retanning
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Seradye Black Dyes

  ACID BLACK 210 RANGE: SERADYE BLACK NN-Range: produced in ASIA. Imported. Asia Origin Certificate. SERADYE BLACK EUR-Range: produced in EUROPE. Real European Certification. Europe Origin Certificate
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