Products used for the initial treatment phase to transform the skin into leather. QUIMSER produces special products for soaking, preserving, liming, deliming, bating, pickling and basifying agents.

Tanning & retanning

QUIMSER has a wide range of tanning, neutralizing and retanning products. Tanning and retanning agents in liquid or solid form with excellent properties.


QUIMSER  produces a wide range of leather fatliquors with excellent application results. They provide the leather with roundness, fullness, compaction and excellent fiber lubrication, giving a smoother leather cut. Combining several anionic or cationic fatliquors, we can improve the lubrication power and get better greased leathers both on the surface and within it.


QUIMSER offers a complete range of finishing products to obtain high quality articles.

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  STUDENTS OF YOUTH GUARANTEE PROGRAM COURSE VISIT QUIMSER S.A. On Wednesday February 15, we received the visit from a group of students of Warehouse Storekeepers Course organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona within the PICE Program. It is an initiative that aims to encourage the recruitment of work in practices of young people in training,…
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Retanning products based on natural polymers


We have been developing a range of products based on vegetable and natural polymers. After some months work we have achieved a series of excellent products with remarkable properties in the retanning process. All products in the range are 100% natural, formaldehyde free and 100% biodegradable. These are the results: – Excellent filling power in…
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TRD27-TRD72 Soaking and Degreasing agents

TRD27-TRD72 Soaking and Degreasing agents

Soaking and Degreasing agents TRD-27/TRD-72 are used to clean and wet the leather fibres, specially with dry salted hides. They are excellent to remove natural fat from leather, especially in small skins (sheep, goat, mouton…) TRD-27/TRD-72  can be used in soaking and degreasing processes and also in the early stage of wet-blue conditioning in the…
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SERTAN Neutralizing Syntans

Neutralizing Syntans

  SERTAN N-N SERTAN N-PAK SERTAN N-AG BUFFERED NEUTRALYZING SYNTANS We have reduced the range of synthetic neutralizing due to the little difference between them. Still, we can provide a wide spectrum of products with softening and buffering properties with optimus ph for tanning and retanning
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OMPLEX BM chrome basifying

OMPLEX BM is an alkaline product with buffing  pH stabilizer properties. OMPLEX BM alkalizes the bath and regulates pH properly (aprox.9-10) in the soaking stage. Thus we can avoid the use of more aggressive products which could damage the leather irreparably. The product has been used in the chrome tanning process. (Detailed below) We conclude…
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