Testing biodegradability of sheepskin leather with SERTAN WT and our standard eco-friendy process

How long does it takes for compost to degrade a sheepskin leather tanned with SERTAN WT with a standard eco-friendly Quimser process?

This was the main purpose of this third test with SERTAN WT and using our standard eco-friendly processes.

We cut 35 pieces of sheepskin leather and buried them with compost. We took 3 samples per week. We kept and dried them in the same order as they were picked. We used universal compost for plants (a mix of vegetal and organic compounds) with the folllowing characteristics:

– Organic matter over dry matter: 62%
– Electric conductivity: 68 mS/m
– pH: 8 Biodegradability conditions:
– Temperature: 40ºC
– Humidity: 40-60%

We started the test on 14 October 2020 and we finished it on 8 January 2021.

We conclude that every passing day with the skin in the compost, it biodegrades increasingly. For that, we can assure that our tanning and retanning procesess achieve excellent biodegradability and compostability since the skins can disappear in 60-80 days.