Environmental concern has become one of the strategic points of many companies. Aware of this reality at Quimser’s laboratory (R+D+i) we investigate new product lines to respond to the needs of our customers and adapt to market demands conducting trials to test the biodegradability of our products.

Through INESCOP, a technological centre for the footwear sector that helps companies obtain global recognition for it is R+D+i activity, we performed a test about the degradability of SERTAN WT, a chemical free of phenol, naphthalene, sulphone, aldehyde and formaldehyde product for tanning and retanning processes, as an alternative to ecological leathers.

We are glad to show you the conclusions:

– WET BLUE tanning with chrome does not show any biodegradation

– Leather based with VEGETAL EXTRACTS (EA-R-20099) has low biodegradation.

– Quimser’s tanning product SERTAN WT is highly biodegradable. In the retanning EA-R-20143 and EA-R-20144 biodegradability is lower because composting time was reduced.

We invite you to take a look at our Eco Tanning section and to download the complete biodegradability analysis of SERTAN WT performed by INESCOP.