It is a fact. 80% of global consumers are making changes to the way they live and the products they buy in an effort to live more sustainably. It’s clear that companies need to put these concerns at the heart of their go-to-market strategies or risk being left behind.

Sustainability is much more than a trend for companies. It is a requirement

In line with the trend in the leather industry, which seeks more sustainable and ecological processes, largely due to consumer demands, at QUIMSER we stand by innovation and R+D+i developing products and processes to ensure the maximum reduction of carbon footprint. And the best of all is that we’re achieving it.

An alternative to synthetic auxiliaries

SERTAN ND is a natural auxiliary for neutralizing, tanning and dyeing. It is free of synthetic products derived from petroleum, thus enhancing the distribution of the products and giving leather homogeneity. SERTAN ND is the sustainable alternative to synthetic auxiliaries.

Key points

  • SERTAN ND helps to reduce the amount of neutralizer by reducing the conductivity of water, a problem in the treatment of wastewater. Consequently, a reduction in the costs of the treatment plant is achieved.
  • In pre-tanning and tanning, SERTAN ND reduces naphthalene synthetics, thereby enhancing the sustainability of the leather. A reduction of approximately 50% of synthetic dispersion products and even 100% is achieved, depending on the article.
  • SERTAN ND provides great homogeneity to the leather thanks to an excellent distribution of neutralizing/dispersing/retanning products, increasing performance.
  • SERTAN ND is 100% natural, free of formaldehyde and 100% biodegradable.

SERTAN ND seeks to reduce the environmental impact produced during the tanning process in a much more sustainable way than with current dispersants and auxiliaries on the market which are based mainly on naphthalenes, sulfones, phenolic products, etc.

We help you evolve

We provide you with all the support to integrate SERTAN ND into your processes and maximize results. Do not hesitate to ask us for more information from below or through your usual channels.


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