We have a new fatliquor SEROIL SLL.

This fluid liquid fatliquor for general use containing lecithin. Can be used like single fatliquor.

It’s very advisable to use it substitution of classic pasty lecithin, also, avoid all lecithin problems like:

  • To avoid pasty manipulation. Easy to handle. Can be packed in IBC1000kg.
  • Putrefaction problems. More resistance for conservation. Long conservation.
  • No colour problems in product coming from raw lecithin or emulsion.
  • No need to be emulsioned before to drop into drums.


Excellent softness and touching used as a single fatliquor or like lecithin.

QUIMSER, tanning and retanning products for your leathers.

Leather chemicals since 1966.


*Noted this an improvement of last SEROIL SNN.