QUIMSER is developing new products for beamhouse process:

Bactol  LS is an auxiliary product for unhairing/liming operations that increases lime dispersion and solubility.

Bactol LS eng

Reskal L is a deliming agent with good buffering effect due to its contents in aromatic acids.

Reskal L eng

Serconditioner WB-A Wetting agent for W.B leathers

Serconditioner WB-A eng

Serconditioner WB-DT Detanning agent for W.B leathers

Serconditioner WB-DT eng

Bactol E-1 accelerates the dehairing process and it also allows remarkable reduction of the sodium sulphide (up to 40%) and without stains. It also gives “open” hides and improves the yield.

Bactol E-I eng