By mid 2013 Quimser starts the import and the exclusive distribution in Spain of vegetable extracts. These extracts are high quality tanning and retanning agents which are suitable to obtain leathers with natural appearance and excellent filling.

In 2014, with the cooperation of its customers, Quimser strengthens its presence on the market and improves the technical knowledge and product application of vegetable extracts, obtaining very satisfactory results.

The consolidation on the market during 2015, encourages Quimser to research and develop new tanning and retanning products with vegetable extracts and launches new products such as Tara, Quebracho and Chestnut.

Quimser has also developed a very complete range of retanning products for all kind of leathers based on vegetable extracts. Products of 100% natural origin, formaldehyde-free and biodegradable. High competitive products with excellent results.


Extractes vegetals per la curtició i recurtició de pell. Quimser desenvolupa una nova gama de productes.

Quimser developed new tanning & retanning products with vegetal extract (Mimosa, Tara, Quebracho, Chestnut).