At Quimser we keep on working to ensure a lower environmental impact, a challenge that allow us to create and market eco-friendly products for the leather industry.

RESKAL L is an eco-friendly liquid deliming agent developed by Quimser’s technical team. It lacks ammonium salts and any other type, one of the main pollutants in the leather industry. It is a mild deliming agent to avoid leather tightening and degradation of the grain, both in cattle and small leathers. It comes in liquid form, very easy to handle.

With RESKAL L we get clean and smooth leathers. Its high buffering power and the ability to dissolve lime allow the skin to be gently deflated, for a better tanning, retanning and dyeing processes. It can also be used in pickling.

We are part of the Leather Working Group, a multistakeholder initiative that involves brands, suppliers, manufacturers and end users. It uses an audit protocol that assesses environmental compliance, while promoting sustainable environmental business practices within the leather industry.