SEROIL TTK is a semi-synthetic sulphited oil COD type without fish oil, very suitable for all kind of articles, especially for footwear.
We recommend the use of this oil in soft leathers as it offers excellent fatliquor penetration into the skin fibres, providing full leathers, a very good inner lubrication and without causing grain looseness. It can be used both in the neutralizing and in re-tanning processes to promote the penetration and distribution of the products inside the leather. SEROIL TTK is stable to electrolytes and, therefore, it can be used in wet-blue tanning baths.

SEROIL TTK is suitable for light or natural colors with very low oxidation rates. It should also be noted that with this product, leathers with a very good dye matching and intensity are obtained. The appropriate doses will depend on the article to be performed, but we recommend from 2% to 6%.