1.Test tube with a solution of sodium bicromate (Chrome VI) and a solution of SERTAN CR-6 diluted in water.

2. By adding SERTAN CR-6 the solution changes color immediately, from yellow (Chrome VI) to green (Chrome III).

3. Total reaction transforming all Chrome VI formation into Chrome III takes no more than 10 seconds.

4. SERTAN CR-6 is transforming all Chrome VI into Chrome III . Its particular composition prevents Chrome VI formation in the future. It has also good filling properties. Suitable for all kind of leathers, specially for white leather articles.


Special retanning agents having immediate Chrome VI exhaustion and prevention with additional retanning properties. They give fullness to the leather specially in the belly parts wheresome more fullness is required. They offer a tight grain in all cases.

The product gives no color to the leather.

Eco-friendly technology:

– Formaldehyde: 0%.
– 100% biodegradable.