Quimser is a company determined and engaged in developing products and processes to improve environmental impact. As members of the Leather Working Group, an international organization for stakeholders across the leather supply chain to certify leather manufacturers according to their environmental compliance, we have developed a new non-polluting product to replace chromium in the tanning process: SERTAN WT does not contain phenol, naphthalene, sulfone or formaldehyde and therefore does not affect the wastewater, thus reducing COD.

Very suitable for wet-white tanning, SERTAN WT provides chrome-free white leathers. It is a very versatile product that can be used in the re-chrome process of wet-blue leathers, achieving more homogeneous leathers, with a light shade and, in turn, completely eliminating chromium, reducing the risk of VI chrome.

Its compatibility with vegetable extracts achieves soft and full leathers without changing its vegetable character. It is worth noting the excellent dyeing capacity. SERTAN WT achieves very clean, homogeneous and brilliant dyes. It can be used in all kinds of articles: Gloves, clothing, footwear, leather goods, upholstery, fur, etc.