Quimser produces sulphated castor oil since 35 years ago.

We have a great capacity for production and distribution.

Our commercial name are:

  • PLASTISER RA: Sulphated castor oil, amomiun salt 75/80%.

Technical specification  PLASTISER RA

  • PLASTISER RS :Sulphated castor oil, sodium salt 75/80%

Technical specification PLASTISER RS


Softener, wetting agent, detergent, levelling agent, dispersant, emulsifier, plasticizer, surface tension modifiers , stabilizer, solubiliser.

In water baths, it emulsifies other oils such as essential oils or perfumes. The surface of resulting emulsion remains free of residues.


  • Textiles as softener, wetting agent and detergent for scouring wool and cotton and a levelling agent and dispersant in dyeing.
  • Paints, inks and coating as pigment dispersant, emulsifier, lubricant  and stabiliser.
  • In the paper industry as antifoam.
  • For lubricant in the manufacture of cutting oils (drilling).
  • Leather used in fat liquoring for light colours leathers, suede and calf uppers.
  • Disinfectants as an emulsifier and solubiliser.
  • As emulsifier in industrial cleaning.
  • In the manufacture of gel and bar soaps for personal hygiene.
  • In the industries of wood, varnishes, preserving agents, oils, etc…
  • In the industry of acrylic and polyurethane resin polymerization, as plasticizer and emulsifier.
  • In agriculture as organic manure.


145 Kg PE drum

IBC 1000 Kg

 Note: You can download the technical sheet in Spanish, English and French: Aceite sulforricinato sódico, sulphated castor oil, l’huile de ricin sulfatée.