Sustainable tanning? Yes, it is possible. Leather goods have a very positive impact from an ethical and environmental point of view. They are probably the oldest example of a circular economy. However, to be sustainable, the leather must comply with strict environmental and social regulations. It would not make sense for leather to have these extraordinary credentials if more environmental impact was created than avoided during its production.

Quimser offers a wide range of products and processes that manage to reduce waste as much as possible, within the framework of the circular economy:

  • Eliminating chemicals that are replaceable.
  • Reducing process time (energy invested).
  • Decreasing the amount of water used.
  • Revaluing all the waste obtained in the process.


Here are some of our eco-friendly solutions:

SERTAN WT, the ecological alternative to traditional tanning processes

To obtain white, non-oxidizable and highly biodegradable leathers. Sertan WT is the ecological alternative to traditional tanning processes. Free of restricted substances according to document 0-MRSL ZDHC, it is especially suitable not only for the manufacture of leather products, but also for the food, agriculture and cosmetic industry.

SERTAN RD AND SERTAN DX, 100% natural and biodegradable retanners

100% natural and biodegradable retanners, free of formaldehyde, bisphenols and other restricted substances. Both products are natural alternatives to conventional melamine and deciendamide.

SERTAN RN-S, a natural polymer-based resin

Natural polymer-based resin that replaces acrylic resins. It provides density and fullness in the empty parts of the leather, improving improving fibre adhesion, elasticity and compaction in buffing. It conferes a very soft and pleasant touch to the leather.

SERTAN VHM, naturally based tanner /retanner

Naturally based tanner /retanner, free of deforestation, with results similar to quebracho with much less environmental impact.

SEROIL NVS and SEROIL NVP, 100% vegetable greasing

For 100% vegetable greasing, free of fish and mineral oils, they contribute to the protection of the oceans, as intensive fishing is destroying a significant part of the seabed.

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