A few weeks ago we received the visit of our distributors in Poland, the company JARBUR-CHEM SC, in order to know first-hand Quimser’s human team, the facilities and the laboratories of the company.

They were a very enriching days for both parts in which we could share proposals, ideas and business vision.

We want to thank JARBUR-CHEM, SC for their visit. It was a pleasure to welcome them in Quimser.

Above: Representatives of JARBUR-CHEM, SC with part of the technical team of Quimser S.A
Left: Andrzej Kowalski and Jaroslaw Majewski of Jarbur-Chem with Salvador Esquerra, technical and export director of Quimser S.A.
Right: Andrzej Kowalski and Jaroslaw Majewski of Jarbur-Chem, SC with Wojciech Zadara (Skotan) and Salvador Esquerra in the sanctuary of Montserrat, a few kilometers from Quimser S.A.