At Quimser, we go beyond creating efficient products. We are dedicated to driving sustainable innovation by developing solutions that make a positive impact and deliver value to our customers. Therefore, we have developed a range of retanning products based on natural polymers that not only meet the highest quality standards but also minimise the environmental impact of both the resulting leather and the entire tanning process.

New bio-based retanning agents made from natural polymers. The alternative for a greener future present

SERTAN RN-S Based on natural biopolymers as an alternative to conventional resins. Enhances adhesion, elasticity, fiber compactness, and abrasion resistance, making it suitable for achieving closed structures and short pile finishes.

SERTAN PR Based on natural biopolymers as a substitute for conventional resins. Enhances adhesion, elasticity, and fiber compactness. Ideal for leathers with a smooth surface feel. Recommended to prevent grain loosening in leathers that require buffing.

SERTAN RD Chemical based on bio-polymers as an alternative to conventional melamine resins. Used to fill and compact the empty and frayed structures of the leather, providing good fullness in flanks and bellies. Improves adhesion, elasticity, fiber compaction and abrasion performance.

SERTAN DC A natural biopolymer as an alternative to conventional resins like dicyandiamide. Provides excellent fixation and high fiber compaction.

SERTAN ND A product with dispersing properties that enables excellent dispersion, penetration, and distribution of dyes, plant extracts, and retanning agents, resulting in uniform dyeing.

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