Quimser’s environmental commitment includes to be updated with the news about the global sustainability goals for 2030 that world leaders are adopting to eradicate poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for us all.

 For years, we have been working on the development of products in accordance with new trends and environmental requirements. Many of our products fulfil a major part of these requirements, since they are:

  • Renewables
  • Respectful of the environment and animals
  • Biodegradable
  • Compostable
  • Eco-toxic
  • Circular economy. Lifecycle.

Among the products that meet these conditions, we highlight:

* SERTAN WT, chrome and heavy metal free tanning.

* Retanning agents 0% formaldehyde, biodegradable and free of petroleum derivatives.

  • SERTAN ND, dispersant and pretanning agent free of sulphonic naphthalene.
  • SERTAN DX / DX, alternative to dicenamides.
  • SERTAN RD, alternative to melamines
  • SERTAN VHM, alternative to quebracho
  • SERTAN VEM / VGI / VXI / VES, cutting base extracts and natural polymers.
  • SERTAN RN-S / RN-V / RE-1, resins of natural-vegetable origin.

* Finishing products: We promote the substitution of products with solvents or petroleum derivatives towards more natural products.

Another aspect we are working on is the progressive reduction of the use of petroleum derivatives. This includes the elimination of solvents in our formulations that contributes to the reduction of volatile products in the atmosphere (VOCs).

To this end, we have developed a new range of oils with a natural vegetable base, without petroleum or animal derived products:

  • SEROIL NVP, vegetable sulphated base grease, 40% active material.
  • SEROIL NVS, vegetable sulphite based grease, 40% active material.
  • SEROIL LE, soy lecithin emulsion.

We want to emphasize that at Quimser we are anticipating events, since these changes are related to a news item from 05/28/2021 that cannot go unnoticed and that will have great economic and technological repercussions: We are talking about the historical ruling to the company SHELL as directly responsible for the climate crisis.

A sentence that we are convinced will create jurisprudence and be one of the first of many others that will arrive and force society to a new paradigm: Civilization will have to become aware of changing habits and dispensing with many petroleum derivatives or otherwise, we will have to pay for the environmental damage caused.

Here are some links to news on this topic that we consider very important, even though they have had little or no impact on the news and the general press.