In a clear commitment to innovation and quality, we have recently made some new investments in our manufactuing plant. We have incorporated a new 17,000-liter reactor and three 30,000-liter tanks each, to supply the seven reactors we have at the liquid production section in our facilities.

This ambitious investment plan entails an increase in the production capacity of our liquids section of 1,800 tons per year, as well as the expansion of products supplying. Regarding energy efficiency, it implies a saving somewhere between 30 and 50% of the heating, cooling and agitation energy of the processes, as well as a reduction in water consumption thanks to its automatic closed-circuit washing system.

Significant increase in the production capacity of the liquids section

New investments

Plant digitization with an Scada system

Quimser digitization SCADA SYSTEM

Finally, with the implementation of an SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), the plant digitization is completed, through the production computerization and automation and the monitoring of the entire process.

Reduction in environmental impact

These investments also involve an extensive suppression of the use of mobile containers, avoiding the transport, washing, storage, handling and waste, which allows us to reduce the environmental impact of our activity.

ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate

In accordance with this objective, and as we informed you in the previous post, we recently obtained the ISO 14001 environmental management system certificate which, together with the SO9001 management certificate, endorses our commitment to quality and sustainability objectives, meeting the requirements of our customers and improving the working and safety conditions of our human team.