BROWN CAPAFIN MF is a pigment dispersion free of heavy metals in aqueous medium to reach the required ecological standards. It has good coverage and high performance. It is recommended in finishes, ground and intermediate layers. BROWN CAPAFIN MF does not contain casein to avoid conservation problems during transport and in adverse weather conditions. Due to its excellent resistance it can be used in any finish and it is especially recommended for automobile upholstery.  It has excellent light and heat fastness, as well as resistance to bleed and migration.

BLACK CAPAFIN SH is an intense and bright black. Being an aqueous dispersion with high leveling power and low viscosity make it suitable for all kind of articles. Especially indicated when extraordinarily fine grain cracking is required. It is very suitable for use in semi-aniline finishes, due to the fineness and softness of its particle and its transparency. Given its low viscosity, it offers an advantage over blacks in paste, very easy to handle, it facilitates dosing and weighing.