Corporate quality and environmental policy

QUIMSER, S.A. is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and commercialisation of chemical products for the leather industry. Since its creation, it has maintained a constant commitment to offer a high level of quality to its customers so that the products it sells meet their requirements and expectations.

The main objectives of the company are the satisfaction and fulfilment of the requirements and needs of its customers, with respect and protection of the environment and sustainability, defining its Policy.

In this regard, QUIMSER, S.A., in accordance with its Policy, is committed to the following:


  • Achieve the complete satisfaction of its customers, always offering the requested products in a way that fully meets their specifications. 


  • Comply with all legal requirements, in respect to the client or organizational, that fall within the scope of QUIMSER, S.A.


  • Protect the environment by preventing pollution, respecting the value of natural resources and the environment.


  • Establish specific measures to prevent risks to the environment and, where this is not possible, reduce those risks to a reasonable level. To evaluate and assess the potential impacts of its services on people and the environment at all stages of its processes.


  • Integrate the process of continuous improvement in Quality Management as a fundamental principle of action, compiling and analysing data to identify areas for improvement within the company.


  • Establish annually quantifiable objectives, which are consistent with the company’s purposes. In addition, implement monitoring methods to evaluate the evolution and degree of fulfilment of these established objectives.


  • Train and qualify the organisation’s employees so that they are aware of their responsibility within the Management System, guide their actions towards achieving the expectations of the interested parties and adopting this Corporate Policy.


This Policy constitutes the basis of the Quality and Environmental Management System currently implemented at QUIMSER, S.A. and is available to interested parties with the aim of conveying the importance of achieving the objectives set and improving the quality of the company’s products and services, as well as protecting the environment.

The Management.