Quimser, SA, along with other companies of the UEAQuímica (sector of the Unió Empresarial de l’Anoia-UEA specific for chemical companies) has promoted a preventive collaboration with the Fire Department to improve safety in case of possible interventions in chemical companies .

On January 9, 10, 11 and 16, the four shifts of fire department agents from the Igualada Fire Station visited the facilities of Quimser S.A. to know the activity of the company (accesses, stairs, machinery, distribution, storage, etc.), chemical products used and quantities, protection and alarm devices in order to minimize the risks in the event of a future intervention.

Shortly and thanks to the agreement signed in July 2017 between the Interior Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya, through the General Directorate of Prevention, Fire and Rescue Extinction (D-GPEIS), the UEA and the Igualada Technical School Consortium (CETI), Quimser SA will collaborate in the preparation of an Operational Document on Elements of Risk that will contain the most essential information of its facilities and may be consulted by the fire department in case of emergency.