SERBRILL BB is a polyamide condensed protein solution. It is used as a general binder for glazable and polishable finishes to achieve the maximum gloss and to favor polishing in the polishing machine. Excellent results are obtained being used with waxes and resins in finished articles such as vegetable tanning leathers, linings, box-calf, etc…

In thermoplastic finishes it conceals the plastic feel of the resins without losing rub fastness. Being very soft and elastic, it is especially suitable for all soft finishes like nappas.

Usually used in finishing to achieve some of the following features:

– Ironing at high temperatures.
– Get more gloss.
– Preserving natural leather appearance by replacing part of the resins.
– Building the base for glazable finishes.

It can be mixed with any type of Capafin pigments and/or Seranil anilines and with all kind of finishing products: resins, penetrating agents, waxes, fillers, levelling agents, caseins, plasticizers.

Serbrill BB