Seroil L is a non-ionic stabilized lecithin. Its excellent stability to acid and electrolytes allows its use at any stage of the process: piquel, in chrome baths during tanning, in vegetable tanning, in neutralization or with other retanning or colouring agents.

It is indicated for items that need light leather, round touch and a fullness and pleasant touch: Leather goods, instep footwear, upholstery, clothing, gloves, car upholstery, etc.

The doses will vary according to the article:
In piquel bath: 0.5-1%
In bathrooms retanning / reromed: 0.5-1%
In process for double face: 5-7 gr / l
In beaten beef instep: 3%
In lamb preparation: 6%
In other items (beef or lamb): 2-4%