SEROIL MLO is a product based on natural oils specially developed for vegetable-tanned leathers. Due to its chemical properties, SEROIL MLO provides softness, fullness and high lubrication of both internal and superficial fibers, obtaining flexible leathers with pleasant and round feel. It also improves leather trimming since it allows an easy and soft cut. All these special features make it a unique product in the market with a significant acceptance among our customers.

SEROIL MLO is a liquid or semi-liquid product, depending on the outside temperature, very easy to handle and emulsify.It can be used either in the drum or manually in wet leathers on the flesh side.The recommended dose in drum is between 4-12% depending on the degree of softness and lubrication desired.

SEROIL MLO may also be used for leather goods and chrome-tanned leathers along with other oils. In these cases the dose should be 2-5%. A certain temperature (40ºC) is recommended to improve its emulsion and penetration. (+information and formula)