SEROIL PLSN is a sulfated fatliquor that provides soft leathers with good tight grain and elasticity and matched dyes. It can be used alone or combined with other fatliquors from our range of SEROIL products.

We recommend SEROIL PLSN for the manufacture of footwear, leather goods, fashion accessories, as well as soft leathers such as nappa for furniture upholstery.


Stable lubrication to salts, acids and bases, as well as vegetable and synthetic tanning agents in the concentrations usually used for retanning and dyeing processes.

This product is not stable to mineral salts or salt in high concentrations.

It does not contain any organic halogen, consequently it does not contribute to the contamination of waste water by AOX.

It does not contain any formaldehyde or APEO.


Grease with good light fastness and little yellowing due to the heat.

As it does not contain formaldehyde or alkylphenol ethoxylates in its composition SEROIL PLSN satisfies the highest environmental requirements.