SERTAN ND is a versatile dispersing agent that facilitates penetration of the dyes. Uniform dyes are obtained with an excellent dispersion of vegetable extracts. It can be used as an auxiliary in the vegetable fertilizer, in the retanning and also for the neutralization of leathers in chrome. The recommended dose ranges varies from 1% to 3% depending on the weight of the leather.

SERTAN RP is a dispersing and pre-salting agent for all types of vegetable-tanned leather and tanning for soles. It prepares the skin for fast penetration of vegetable extracts in readout. The recommended dose ranges from 3% to 5% depending on the weight of the skin.

SERTAN NP is a dispersing and neutralizing agent. It improves fat dispersal in the fattening bath. It can be used in dyeing to disperse dyes, to obtain bright colors and to increase the tones. Thanks to its buffering effect, the optimal pH is achieved, preparing the skin to accept the retanning agents that will follow the process and achieve progressive, moderate, uniform and effective neutralization. It has a gentle de-acidifying effect that reduces the affinity of the retanning agents and protects grain from overtannage. With SERTAN NP you get skins with smooth and firm grain improving the replenishment and resistance. It reduces the cationic character of wet-blue and wet-white skins and facilitates the penetration and dispersion of anionic recesses without causing astringency or loss of physical properties.