Due to market demands for “more ecological”, “without heavy metals” and “chrome-free” leathers at Quimser we continue to work to achieve finished leathers and processes that reduce the environmental impact through the application of cleaner initiatives. Here you will find our sustainable tanning solutions for the leather industry.

Green chemicals in line with market demands

It is all about reducing the environmental footprint of both the processes and the products, in tune with the cultural change of consumers who demand cleaner products. And all this without giving up authentic, natural and biodegradable leather items, in contrast to the misnamed “vegan leather”, a metaphor to hide items with a high polluting effect due to their composition based on plastics. (Read the article “What is vegan leather?” from Leather Naturally ).

SERTAN WT, a sustainable alternative to traditional tanning

It is no longer possible to solve today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions. That is why we have been working for years to achieve more sustainable products and processes, helping our clients to achieve their own sustainability goals, with real actions such as:

• The elimination of chrome salts.

• The reduction of the wastewater.

• The generation of residual water with low environmental impact.

• The reduction of process times (electricity consumption).

• The pursuit of leathers with high biodegradability.

• The development of environmentally friendly chemical products.

To respond to the aforementioned points, the Sertan WT range is a sustainable alternative to traditional tanning and retanning processes.

With SERTAN WT, we obtain white, non-oxidizable and highly biodegradable leathers (see our certified degradability tests).

SERTAN WT is a zeolite-based product with no restricted substances. This makes it particularly suitable not only for the manufacture of leather products, but also for other sectors such as food, agriculture, and cosmetics.

Learn more about SERTAN WT and our Eco-Tanning products and solutions here.